Frequently Asked Questions for new Nearby Nerds


Nothing! It's absolutely free to join and become a Nearby Nerd, but we do ask that you collect a small fee on our behalf from each customer you get through the site – on top of what you charge.

Yes, but you need to create a Business Account.

Your Profile

It's totally up to you. You don't even have to compete with the prices of other nerds in your area. We found that the main factors that affect a client's decision to contact a specific nerd are, by order of priority:

  1. The physical proximity
  2. How fit the person is to solve their particular problem
  3. The price.

So the price isn't that important and only comes third.
Having said that, our statistics prove that Nerds who charge over $70 per hour rarely get contacted by customers on the site, so take that into consideration as well.

To give you some more guidelines, the average hourly charge on NearbyNerd is $45.
The industry standard for professional computer repairs is $50-$80/hour for a drop-off service in a repair shop, and $90-$150/hour for on-site work.

What customers mainly look for in your description is the answer to the question "My issue is XYZ, can you help me?".
It's a good idea then to list all the things you can help customers with, highlighting the ones you're particularly good at.
Most visitors to the site are looking for either Computer Repairs or Website Design / Development, so make sure to mention both if you can do them.

Since NearbyNerd uses a location-based search, promoting individual profiles isn't possible. The profiles are sorted by their proximity to the customer's location. To see how you can promote your profile in other ways, please refer to the Promote Yourself page.

Yes, simply un-tick the Listing Enabled box in your Profile Edit page. To reach the Profile Edit page click on the My Profile link at the upper right corner, then click the Edit link under Nerd Profile.

Please contact us and we'll remove the account for you.


Jobs are used to track the state and progress of a customer's Service Request.
You can track your current and previous jobs on the My Jobs tab on the home page.

When a customer sends you a message or submits a generic Job Request, a Job is automatically created, but when a customer contacts you using the phone, you are required to create the Job manually.

Click the 'Submit a Job received on the phone' link on the top of the My Jobs tab on the home page, fill the form, and then proceed to PayPal to authorise the job's fee.

Jobs are received through private message notifications or through the Available Jobs tab on the home page.

We strongly recommend to also subscribe to the Available Jobs RSS feed (the link to it can be found at the top of the Available Jobs page). You can subscribe both on your computer and smartphone, and this way you will always get notified on new jobs as soon as they are submitted by customers.

Alternatively, you can use a service like to receive SMS notifications when the feed updates.

There are two ways to receive Job notifications as private messages:

  1. When a customer contacts you directly, a Job notification is sent automatically, only to you.
  2. When a customer submits a generic Job Request or selects the 'Send to all relevant Nearby Nerds in the area' option when sending a message, NearbyNerd's staff manually send notifications to Nearby Nerds who have the relevant qualifications and a good balance between good rating and feedbacks, to price.
    In this case, more than one Nearby Nerd can receive a notification for the same Job, and the first one to respond gets to take it.

Jobs can have the following statuses:

  1. Awaiting Response
  2. The job has been sent only to you and awaits your response. All the job's details are available, except for the customer's contact details.

    Possible actions:

    • Take Job – Accept the job and authorise the job's fee payment (see details below). Once done, the job's status will be set to Assigned and the customer's contact details will be revealed.
    • Not Interested – Decline the job


  3. Awaiting Assignment
  4. The job has been sent to multiple Nearby Nerds and is waiting for one of them to take it. All the job's details are available, except for the customer's contact details.

    Possible actions:

    • Take Job – Accept the job and authorise the job's fee payment (see details below). Once done, the job's status will be set to Assigned and the customer's contact details will be revealed.


  5. Assigned
  6. You are currently working on this job.

    Possible actions:

    • Mark Job As Completed – Closes the job. The job's fee will be charged and the customer will be requested to leave feedback on your work and give you a rating. Once done, the job's status will be set to Awaiting Feedback.
    • Cancel Job – For jobs sent to you alone, this will close the job and set the status to Cancelled. For jobs sent to multiple nerds, you will be asked whether to close the job or assign it to a different nerd, and the status will be set to either Cancelled or Awaiting Assignment accordingly. In both cases, the fee authorisation will be voided.


  7. Awaiting Feedback
  8. The job is completed and waiting for the customer to leave feedback and give you a rating.

    Possible actions:

    • None


  9. Completed
  10. The job is completed, the customer has left feedback and gave you a rating.

    Possible actions:

    • None


  11. Cancelled
  12. The job is cancelled.

    Possible actions:

    • None

Each job is assigned a fee that is to be collected from the customer by you, on NearbyNerd's behalf.

The fee is assigned based on the type of service required and the amount of money and time invested into it by NearbyNerd (e.g. Website Design and Programming jobs will have a higher fee than Virus Removal jobs, jobs for which we manually pick the nerds will have a higher fee etc.)

In some cases, we have to pay a high commission to an affiliate or an ad network to generate the lead for the job, and we are forced to roll the cost on to the customer.
Please remember however, that by using NearbyNerd, customers save up to 80% of what they'd pay a traditional computer repair company, and our fee, even when it's higher, is insignificant compared to what they save.

We use a feature of PayPal called Authorization & Capture. This feature allows separating the authorisation to make a money transfer from the transfer itself, thus making is possible to make the transfer only if some condition is met at a later stage. This is similar to what hotels do when you check-in: they use your credit card to make an authorisation so that later, if something is damaged or missing from your room, they can collect the cost.

In NearbyNerd's case, in order to take a job and reveal the contact details of the customer, you have to authorise the payment of the job's fee. This puts the fee's sum on hold in your PayPal or bank account for up to 29 days, until the job is either completed or cancelled. If the job is cancelled for any reason, the authorisation is immediately and automatically voided and no money changes hands. Only in the event that the job eventuates (i.e. you collect the fee from the customer, and the job is marked as completed) is the fee collected by NearbyNerd.

The transaction will show as Pending Authorization for the fee's sum.

First, you won't be able to get any feedback for the job and enjoy the benefits of being contacted more often by customers.
Second, if we see that you repeatedly fail to complete jobs sent to you, we will stop sending you jobs for which we pick the Nerds.
Third, not collecting the fee is against NearbyNerd's Terms of Service, so if we suspect that you are avoiding it on purpose, we will contact your customers to investigate, and if we find out you're cheating us, you'll be banned from the site.

Business Accounts

Business Accounts allow professional businesses to differentiate themselves from "normal" nerds and provide additional information to potential customers, including the business's logo, website URL and detailed business description.

In addition, the standard Business subscription includes $30 of monthly credit that can be used to pay job fees, saving you the trouble of going through PayPal for each job you take.

We at NearbyNerd believe in personal service.
We know that different technicians working for the same business often provide different levels of service, and we want our customers to knows exactly who they're calling, and provide them with the feedbacks that previous customers left for that person.

For this reason we require that each and every technician working for the business register on the site and create a Nerd profile for themselves.
These Nerd profiles can then be associated with the one Business Profile created by the business owner.
Once associated, the business's details will show on all profiles. In addition, to make the billing process easier and centralised, all the associated Nerds can use the credits available on the business owner's account.

An automated association process will become available soon.
In the mean time, please contact us and provide the user-name of the nerd and the ABN of the business, and we will associate the profile for you.

Response Times

One week. If you fail to respond to a customer's job request within one week, your profile will be automatically disabled to prevent more customers from trying to contact you. You can re-enable your profile at any time by ticking the Listing Enabled box in your Nerd Profile edit page, but be advised that if we see that you repeatedly fail to respond to job requests in time, we may ban you permanently.

You should respond immediately. For jobs that were sent only to you, you must click the Not Interested button even if you don't want to take the job. You don't have to contact the customer immediately, but you must either take the job or click the Not Interested button. Failure to take action on such a job within 48 hours will result in your profile being disabled, and if it happens repeatedly, to a permanent ban from the site.
The reason we are so strict about this is that not taking action on a job request leaves the customer in limbo, not knowing whether to wait or contact another Nearby Nerd, and we want to avoid this situation at all cost.

Anything else?

You're welcome to ask us using the contact form or the forum or the Facebook Page