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Mon-Sun 8:00am - 5:00pm
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I have years of experience with PC's, building my own from the case up, troubleshooting software, and repairing hardware where possible. I also have extensive knowledge of the current market regarding purchases, efficiency, raw power and budget control.
  • ComputersPCsDesktop Hardware
    I have been working with and using PC's for my entire life. Over 12 years of experience with all types of issues, which has resulted in the accumulation of experience and knowledge will allow me to quickly resolve any issues you may have, and explain to you, in simple terms, what caused the issue and how to avoid it in future. Please look into my specialities for more information.

    I have extensive knowledge of the faults (and pro's) of previous builds of hardware, as well as those available today on the current market.

    I have been working with and using PC's for my entire life. Fixing, troubleshooting, and building PC's is a hobby of mine.
  • ComputersPCsSoftware
    Software advice and troubleshooting can be a trial and error process, as usually the cause of the problem is either unknown, or will be found by trial and error.
  • ComputersPCsVirus Removal
    Virus infections can be a slippery slope. Depending on the severity of the infection, and damage it may have caused your software, the solution may vary from the use of a virus removal tool, to a complete backup of all your files and reformatting of your hard drive, and reinstall of all your basic software.
  • ComputersPurchase Advice
    I am frequently replacing and modifying my own PC, as well as those of friends and family. I have extensive knowledge on the viability of all the hardware in the current market.
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