Not sure if you'd benefit from becoming an affiliate?

If you encounter people who use computers, mobile phones or other consumer technology, you can turn their technical issues into income as a NearbyNerd Affiliate. (You don’t need to work in IT or retail - just know how to listen for a problem and provide a solution)

You’re an ideal candidate if you:

Interact with customers purchasing computers and gadgets

  • Consumer technology retail owner, manager or assistant
  • Customer service assistant / salesperson
  • Customer support officer

Interact with clients (not necessarily related to IT)

  • Web host sales or customer service representative
  • Library or university technical support officer
  • Personal trainer, life coach, counsellor, hairdresser
  • Other professional service provider

Have a large personal or professional social media network

  • Brand manager or online community manager
  • Active social media user
  • Blogger / website owner

Have friends/family members who use and/or buy computers and gadgets

  • Know anyone who may need technical assistance with a computer, printer, mobile phone, software or other tech area at some time. Who doesn’t?

To turn your contacts into $10 per paying referral, register as a NearbyNerd Affiliate now. It’s FREE!