How to turn a referral into $10

Email, online or SMS... NearbyNerd has a customer referral method to suit your situation.


To refer your personal or professional email contacts, or visitors to your website or blog, simply use your referral link* (you get it when you register as an affiliate). You are free to use any text you like for the link, or you can use one of these banners.


When referral opportunities arise in personal or business conversations, you can either hand out one of our Business Cards, or ask the prospective customer to visit and enter your Affiliate Code in the 'Referral Code' box (you receive your code when you register).
For example: if your Affiliate Code is 1234, ask the customer to visit and enter 1234 in the box.

If you wish to order some Business Cards, please contact us.

Important: You must refer to and not to as only on customers are asked to enter your Affiliate Code.

* To maximise email and online conversions, you can customise the target of your referral link to drive your referees directly to the page most relevant to them. For example, when you know the general location of your contacts or visitors, you can set the target page to the list of Nerds near that location. Another example is when you want to refer new affiliates, you can set the target page to the Affiliate Program page.


  • To be counted, and for your commission to be paid, the referred customer must mark the relevant job as 'completed' on the site, and pay a Nearby Nerd.
  • Only one referral per customer will be counted.
  • The commission will be credited to the affiliate account only once payment for the job has been received by NearbyNerd.

  • SMS referrals
  • Customers must sign up at within 30 days of us receiving an SMS with their mobile number for the referral to be counted.

  • Link referrals
  • Customers must sign up at within 180 days of their initial click on a referral link for the referral to be counted.

  • Payment to affiliates is made on the 5th of every month (for the preceding calendar month).
  • We reserve the right to review and modify any of these terms at any time. This page should be reviewed periodically so that you are aware of any changes.